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Father’s Day 2022 – Golfing with my Dad

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On Sunday, June 19, 2022, I took my Dad golfing for the first time just the two of us. We were paired with another two-some, the Bakers, and we had a delightful day of Golf, Cheers, Laughs, and some fun Father-Daughter time.

We lucked out with beautiful weather. Southern Nevada may be experiencing it’s own “new normal” as we have enjoyed most of this June under 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). We normally experience sticky skin and energy that evaporates in the sun rays, and luckily Father’s Day was a great experience to be out on the golf Course.

Father's Day Golfing, Boulder City Municipal Golf Course, Amy Lynn Vandermark, Richard Anthony Vandermark
Teeing off on Hole 1
Boulder City Municipal Golf Course Score Card

Dad has been out golfing with his friends at Boulder City Muni every week since joining the “retired” group of guys he also plays tennis with in Green Valley (RIP Green Valley Sport – Dad still misses you).

I had the privilege of driving through the 18 holes of Boulder City’s oldest Golf Course with my Dadio – and for the first time, I actually kept a legitimate score!

As a newbie golfer, just making contact with the ball was enough to make me feel like I was a success story. Now that I am connecting 95%+ of my shots, I have found a whole world of new things to focus on.

Dad was a great help in identifying when my shoulders and feet weren’t lined up, and helping me see my errors before I found myself thick in the trees. Of course, it took a few times of me finding myself in the trees before he was able to identify my shortcomings – and anyone that knows the Vandermarks. We aren’t shy about our SHORTcomings. (insert pause for chuckle here)

Dad is always right.

I didn’t know whether to refer to my Dadio as CADDY or DADDY – as he was calling the optimal clubs all day. I hit my 7 and 8 iron for the first time on Father’s Day, and both times, the ball landed on the green – making me stop and think that maybe I actually might know what I am doing. (insert belly laugh here) That is as long as my Dad is there giving me pointers.

We don’t realize how much energy is zapped out in the sun, even when we are lucky enough to get great weather.

By the 18th hole, Dad stopped me just as I was about to tee-off and said, “Take a practice shot, and give it some energy!”

Give it some ENERGY!

Give it some energy? Haven’t I been doing that? I lined up with the blades of grass, and swung away. “YES – Just like that!!” he said from a few feet back.

I lined up, and had the best drives of the back-nine by a long shot. “Give it some energy” I reminded myself.

The entire time I have been learning to play golf, I have been almost – holding back – to ensure I connected with the ball. I’ve been more worried about hitting that little sucker (the ball) than I was at making it a powerful shot. This of course was due to trying to be powerful in the beginning and missing 95%+ of the time.

The thing I like most about golf is that the game is evolving. Just when I start getting good at one aspect and surpass a goal I have set, I quickly, QUICKLY am recalibrating my approach and analyzing what needs tweaking at this new stage of my game.

The whole 18 holes was a blast. We listened to my Incubus (easy ragae/indirock) Pandora Station, conversed with the Bakers, drank Bloody Mary’s, and enjoyed the day – just father and daughter. Dad said he golfed one of his best games that day too.

I tried to take him to a fancy golf course on the Las Vegas strip, with great views and other aspects of golf I’m still oblivious to, and he said that he would rather hang out at BC Muni. My Dad – he knows what he enjoys in life, and he makes sure to set the example for me. He enjoys time with his kid.

I’m so grateful for this past Father’s Day and I can’t wait to get out on the course with my Dadio again soon. (and I’ll probably try to drag him to some other ritzy course so I can experience it and blog about it)

Thanks Dad 🙂 I love you!

After a great day of golf . . .

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