Personal Branding Workshop: How to Tell the World Who You Are

NAWBO Event Personal Branding Invitation

Personal Branding:
How to Tell the World Who You Are

NAWBO Southern Nevada Event
NAWBO Membership Chair, Meri Howard and Amy Vandermark
The Event

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 11am – 1pm

Starting off with a delicious luncheon of Salad, Pasta with Chicken, and Garlic Bread, we enjoyed a 30 minute mix and mingle period where I got to reintroduce myself to Meri, a contact that I had met at another networking event previously this year. 

Meri had invited me to a NAWBO event in early 2022, and I was thrilled to get to sit next to her again.

Non-Profit Partner:
Win-Win Entertainment

The first group to be introduced was a 501c3 called WinWinEntertainment.

The mission of the organization is to bring smiles to children in hospitals. Since the world learned to go virtual in 2020, Win Win Entertainment has gone virtual and has had such success that going back to in person is no longer part of their model.

The organization partners with performers, artists, comedians, etc to meet children who are currently in the hospital.

The organization has two fundraising events planned for later this year including a Turkey Trot in November and a Telethon in December. More information can be found on their website or their social platforms included below.


Win Win Entertainment Facebook Page

Win Win Entertainment Board

The organization has partnered with over 22 hospitals across the United States and has created over 100,000 smiles.

The Panelists:

Ruth Furman and Amy Vandermark pose just after a NAWBO event in Las Vegas, Nevada June 28, 2022
Amy Vandermark and Patranya Bhoolsuwan pose after National Association for Women Business Owners Luncheon June 28, 2022
Amy Vandermark and Megan Fazio pose after NAWBO Personal Branding Workshop June 2022
Introduction to the day . . .

I have not joined NAWBO just yet, and I see great value in their organization and the events that they host.

This is my second NAWBO event, and they were surprised by the attendance, as it was higher than they had originally expected.

This discussion intrigued me for a few reasons:

  1. Recently starting my own business, I am strategizing branding myself and my company
  2. Since I have started a Marketing Agency, I will still be representing other companies, and understanding the most effective DIY PR tactics, do’s, and don’ts
  3. Since I have taken off the “Spokeswoman” Hat for companies, I now get to be behind the scenes of the media and PR angle versus in the spot light and camera ready

I hope you enjoy the synopsis below, and please leave a comment.

As always – thank you for reading.

The Discussion

The Panelists:

Patranya Bhoolsuwan, TV Host, Speaker, Media Trainer, & Strategist

Ruth Furman, CEO & Founder ImageWords Communications

Maria Ngo, Award-winning TV Host/Producer & On-Camera Media Coach

Megan Fazio, CEO & Founder, NEON Public Relations

Question: What is the secret for during that first meeting?

Answer: Get that interview by having rapport. Find something similar between the two of you that you can connect on. If you know who you are going to be interviewing with, do research. By making this connection, it will make you more comfortable during the interview. (Patraynya Bhoolsuwan)

Question: As tech is changing, why is it important to have a video bio?

Answer: This is your opportunity to tell your business story, who you are, any tips that you might have. A short video will give the business personality.  (Maria Ngo)

Question: What tips do you have for someone’s first camera interview?

Answer: Anytime I give media training, I encourage the person to OVERSMILE. Most often, an interview may last a few minutes and the clip that airs will be but a few seconds long, you want to ensure that you are smiling during it. Say the business name more times than you think is necessary. Again, no matter what the media chooses to air, your business name is in the clip. PRO TIP: Answer every question by repeating the question back to the interviewer so you are presenting a complete thought. (Megan Fazio)

Question: Who should undergo media training?

Answer: Media training benefits everyone. Different individuals will have different needs in media training, depending on what will be expected of them. Everyone can benefit from a coach, and what has been found more often than not – the more educated and passionate an individual is on a topic, the more important it is to practice. (Ruth Furman)

Question: What are the biggest mistakes that you see in terms of media training?

Answer: Expectati0ns. Having any expectations in an unpaid interview is ill advised. The journalist is under a lot of pressure, and it is important for you as the business representative to be flexible and kind. Most times the first time a business is interviewed, it will be a short interview until that rapport is built. Once a journalist knows that the business representative is consistent, it will lead to more interviews. (Ruth Furman)

Question: As for Yelp and Google reviews, what advice do you have for Business owners?

Answer: If your business receives a negative review, there are a sequence of steps to take. First, ensure that this is a real guest and not a disgruntled employee. Next, always respond. There should be scripts written out and delegated to an entity to respond to reviews.

Negative reviews should receive the following messaging:

1. Thank you for your concern.

2. We have shared this with management.

3. What is your best email for us to follow up with you.

By responding directly and publicly, you tell the individual that their concerns are valid and that you are being diligent about following up. This tells the community as a whole that you are a business that cares about its customers. (Megan Fazio)

Question: What are the key elements to have in a video bio?

Answer: You have five seconds to capture someone’s attention and make an impression. Ask yourself WHY – what is the purpose of this video? There should be a sequence, and you are setting up the next conversation. If this is a video resume, you are going to be listing off your accomplishments and experiences. If this is for your business, you will give your business’s background, the services your business offers, and include a “non-salesy” testimonial.  (Maria Ngo)

Question: What makes a story “good” versus one that doesn’t get picked up by media?

Answer: One big thing to remember when pitching a story, is that media receives pitches all day everyday. Your story must be timely and newsworthy. That means, do not send the Press Release too early and it’s recommended to follow up with the newsdesk in the morning  to remind their editorial team of the story. Most media will have their meeting in the am, and you will want to catch them before they go into that meeting with your story fresh in their mind.

Newsworthy means to give the newsperson a reason to cover it. Identify how your event or initiative is helping the community. The viewers of these media outlets want to see how this current event is effecting the community and to spark an emotion within them.

The best most recent example of this has been the critical levels of Baby Formula available. The viewers of media want to understand a personal story behind the spot. Including new Mom’s, soon-to-be-Mom’s, etc is going to be a priority for the journalist, and if you are presenting a story, be prepared to have examples of how this has affected your customers or have customers who are willing to participate on site for additional interview.   (Patraynya Bhoolsuwan)

What can I do for you?” –
Ruth Furman

Question: What is the biggest Missed Opportunity that you see in Personal Branding?


People like other people’s lives – this is why Reality TV thrives. Post and Promote yourself through your digital platforms. (Megan Fazio)

Remind yourself that this is not bragging – and rather look at the situation and ask yourself, “I’ve been given this opportunity, how can I shine light for others?” (Maria Ngo)

Too many businesses are currently marketing, and not telling the story and creating a connection with their audience (Maria Ngo)

Share your story with the work. Make your brand stand out. No one will know what you are doing if you do not share it. I received three referrals in one day because I shared a video of what I was working on. (Ruth Furman)

Question: Which is more effective, Pay to Play or Authentic Pick Up?

Answer: The ultimate answer is going to depend on your intention – there is a balance and value to both. “Pay to Play” is going to give you more control over the messaging and final approval whereas Authentic Pick Up is going to be a 5 – 15 minute interview about the topic, and the media outlet will share what they deem to be effective without further conversation. (Patraynya Bhoolsuwan)

Question: As an expert in a field, should we reach out to media to “be available” for interviews?


In short – no. By hiring a PR Firm, your business will be contacted when opportunities arise. For example, Publicists and PR Agents have established relationships with media outlets, and those media outlets reach out to those PR Firms and Publicists when they need input, live shots, interviews, an expert, etc. By having a PR Firm in your corner, you will receive the opportunities to be the expert. If you are seeing another company or your competition acting as an expert, they most likely have a PR Firm representing them. (Megan Fazio)

One tactic that PR Agents will use is called “News Jacking”, which is aggressively following the news outlets, and identifying opportunities for expert opinions, input, interviews, etc. PR Firms will reach out to their clients for a “comment” prior to being contact by the journalist so that they are ready with a response when they do receive contact. PR Firms are so committed to their relationships with journalists and media outlets that they will often reach out to non-clients for comment in the event the journalist reaches out. Remember – a journalists job is high pressure and time sensitive, and the easier a PR Firm can make their job – the better their relationship will be overall. (Ruth Furman)

Amy Vandermark Commentary

As I was including the external links to the panelists contact info, I noticed 3 of the 4 media professionals used their own name as their URL – if you’re on this website, you have noticed I also have done this.

This presentation showed me a few things:

  • Hire a Marketing Firm unless you have a lot of time on your hands and are creative minded
  • Hire a PR Firm if you get into Hot Water
  • The more seasoned you are on media, the more you need to practice
  • Have grace with yourself and others

If you foresee your company needing PR or Marketing assistance. Please feel free to reach out to one of these contacts or send us a message and we will put you in contact with the right company for you.

Thank you for your time and support!

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