Attending to my hobbies


My hobbies have brought me the most joy. Currently, they range from Golf (usually at Boulder City Muni), Arts & Crafts – taking lessons from a new friend Gabbie Hirsch, Singing with a Francyl Gawryn, Dance at the local Parks & Recreation Dept, and the list is growing.

As I hone in on hobbies I have had for years and new hobbies that I have found recently, I am entranced by all the talented souls I have and will come in contact with.

To those individuals who pursue more, those who pursue fulfillment, pursue the best version of themselves – those are the individuals that I want to lose track of time in intimate conversation with. I want to share ideas and be enlightened by. I want to experience fine cuisine and art around.

If you are one of these individuals – get at me.

I remember in 7th grade English that it is not grammatically correct to end sentences with prepositions. Any grammaticians out there are welcome to help me re-write these pages. 🖤


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