Content Creation

CONTENT CREATION is the act of creating the communication of a talking point for the strategy in a marketing campaign. 

This can include and is not limited to:

Content creation covers the process from brainstorming and planning the design and copy of the brand and/or marketing campaign. A new buzz phrase is “Everything is content,” and it is true. From the new tech or tool in the office to the team lunch spot, audiences love when their favorite brands pull back the curtains on their organization and share behind the scenes content.

Start thinking about the culture of your organization and how we can share that with your audience. 

Do you host a daily or weekly huddle? Let’s capture that in a story. 

Do you order from a specific purveyor, because you believe in their product and believe that their values align with your organization and brand? Let’s highlight them in a reel while we share your services.

If the Social Media Management Package that you are considering includes Content Creation, start thinking about what types of content that your audience would enjoy and find of value for our consultation.

Ideal pieces of content are listed below – which of these would you like to learn more about?

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