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Joined the Boulder Business Development Group

Tuesday, October 21, 2021

Ready for breakfast at the Tuesday morning networking event in Boulder City, Nevada

The Boulder Business Development group is a family unit of business owners in the Boulder City, Henderson, and Las Vegas valley that support one another in word of mouth marketing and referral based leads.

This group started in 2010, and still includes founding members. The group is an offshoot of BNI and exists under the Lion’s Organization umbrella out of Boulder City.

Meeting each Tuesday morning at 6:45am, the Boulder Business Development meeting starts promptly at 7:10am inside the steakhouse of the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino just west of Boulder City.

Installment of Amy Vandermark membership of Boulder Development Group
Railroad Pass Server Lynda

Guests of the organization are always welcome and encouraged. Breakfast is complimentary to all guests, and includes a great selection provided by Lynda, the sweetest and most thoughtful server. The meeting format is consistent and efficient, ending precisely at 8:30am most Tuesday mornings.

Boulder Business Development Breakfast - French Toast

Networking is a key component to gaining new markets and growing any small business. Networking before the meeting is encouraged from 6:45am – 7:10am. Meet industry professionals in finance, wealth management, technology, automotive services, household services, insurance, event planning, and so much more at this great weekly professional networking event. Meetings are held every Tuesday morning. Reach out for more info.

Each member and guest will have the opportunity to present their “60 Second Commercial” where business representatives will share their business, location, position, target market for that week, and tagline. 

Since I represent both Amy Vandermarketing LLC and Forge Social House, my taglines switch it up between: “At Forge Social House, we forge relationships.” to “Amy Vandermarketing. The sharpest option.”

One-on-ones are encouraged and announced with gratitude. Closed business is championed, and amonst the 28 members of the group, combined revenue exceeded $6.2 million (July 2020 – June 2021), and our 2022 goal is to surpass $6.5 million in gross revenue. 

The sharpest option.

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