Did My Nails with Hot Tips Beauty Products 8.7.2022

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Yesterday I scratched my leg and felt the pull on my nail due to its length, and even having the quality of Hot Tips Beauty Products on my nails, it was time to do my nails before they starting breaking.

It was going on two and a half weeks since I had broken down and had my nails done by the local shop – that’s where I learned about Hot Tips!

I started doing my nails myself in 2020 after having them done since about 2002. I am a decently creative person, and I figured, I’ve watched someone do this for 18 years in differing capacities, I’m sure I can figure this out – and sure enough, here I am 2 years later, still regularly doing my nails. Moreover – I enjoy it and it has become part of my selfcare routine.

Picture of Required items to accomplish gel nails including an electric nail drill, hot tips beauty product gel nail line up, gel color, resin, rhinestones, LED light, nail files and brushes.



This was my first time using Hot Tips Beauty Products to do my own nails. When I started doing them in 2020, I bought the Gelish set (Primer, Builder, Top Coat, and Nourishing Oil) and was getting pretty fluent and comfortable with it. Equally as important, the quality of the product is great for the price with Gelish. Now that I have used Hot Tips as well, for me, it was worth the investment.

I have included the Gelish set <<< here and it is linked to the Amazon page to purchase. I highly recommend this set if you are just getting started. The price is reasonable ($39.95  for the 4 products 8/8/2022), the instructions are easy enough, and the product wears well and lasts.

I purchased my first set (primer, foundation, top coat, and nourishing oil) in May 2020. Once I saw that the product was going to work for me, I purchased another set in June 2020 since I wasn’t sure how long the product would last. Fast forward to today (over 2 years later), I still have a half of a bottle of the foundation in the second set, and I was using the set every 2 – 3 weeks doing a full set.

Another First Time – Why did I make the switch?

T I M E – – doing my nails has taken me up to 8 hours before. I do not have 8 hours every 2-3 weeks to spend on one project start to finish. The gelish build gel is substantially thinner, requiring more layers, and more cure time. Average time to do my nails without design, just base, color, and top coat was 4 hours.

Cure Time: Curing is the solidifying of the gel which takes place under an LED or UV lamp. The sunlight will also cure gel.

I made another change as well this go-around by purchasing an LED light and ditching (to donate) my UV light.

As stated above, either work, and LED is far more effective and timely – back to the main issue I face with my new found hobby, it’s SO time-consuming.

Ok – so, new product and new lamp – LETSSSS GOOOO!

My new LED lamp

UV Light

The light I started with was the SUNUV light shown here, and the current price today is $39.99. This light has lasted since I purchased it in May 2020 (over two years) and still works great.

The reason I am replacing the light is to upgrade to an LED light which cuts down on time and has a stronger effect on the curing within the gel. This decreases the chance for uncured gel under the top layer which will cause gel nails to fall apart and lose their hard consistency that they are known for.

This light works great and I would still recommend it compared to other lights. The cord is detachable, as well as the metal tray under the light. I created a little kit for my nail supplies to keep everything together and accessible.

I am pretty stoked about my new lamp and how much quicker it was to do my nails start to finish last night. 

My new light is awesome!

Hot Tips Beauty Products

In the Hot Tips Beauty Products, of course I had to get the Super Silver Chrome, which meant I needed the Chrome Effects solution.

This was not my first experience with chrome – but it was my first time doing it myself (insert face palm here).

Chrome is amazing – it is also like glitter, aka the herpes of arts and crafts. There is no getting rid of it once you get it on something – whether that is the surface your detailing your nails on, another nail, your clothes, etc.

Even so – I love the effects of the chrome powder and am excited that I now have it in my nail kit.

Super Silver Chrome BABY!

My left hand once I had completed my nails and was getting ready to type up this blog post. The hand is scrunched with all the nails facing the camera. The thumb and pinky are black with a rhinestone at the base of the nail, the index and middle finger are both silver chrome and the ring finder has a band of rhinestones in a single diagonal line across the nail from nail bed to tip .
Let there be color!

I recommend starting with a variety pack of colors similar to the graphic here. There are several that will come up off the link here and they are all $19.99 which is pretty reasonable. I have had the same packs of colors for over two years, and as long as you take care of your products, they will last.

Electric Nail Drill = Game Changer

When I upgraded from Hand Filing to an Electric Nail Drill, my average time spent doing my nails dropped immensely.

It will take a little finesse and some time to get comfortable, and in no time, you’ll be a pro. Just watch your skin, and don’t file your actual nail away. 

This electric drill is similar to mine and runs for $72.99

Hand Files

Hand files are 100% necessary. I really like these and they come in a 10 pack. If you haven’t noticed, I like buying in bulk and not running out of things.


Nail Extension Tips

If you want to build a coffin, stiletto, or extended nail (long), these are perfect. I prefer the squoval shape myself and I keep them pretty short – and to each their own.

I use these most often when I break a nail and need to completely rebuild the edges. 

This is the closest to a How-To video that I have made currently. I know that it is on my to-do list to eventually create a DIY guide . . . in due time. Have fun!
REMEMBER – do not let your gel be in the line of light from your lamp for curing your nails, and do not leave it in the sunlight.

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