Boulder Business Development Tuesday, August 16, 2022 Trying to Increase Sales?

Trying to find ways to increase sales?

Look no further. When trying to increase sales, Word of Mouth or WOM Marketing (aka Referral Marketing) is key. Coming in close second in the digital age is going to be your digital marketing efforts, followed up by all the ways to get your brand and services in front of the right individuals. Let’s dive in.

Another great Tuesday morning with the Boulder Business Development group out of Boulder City representing a large chunk of Southern Nevada. If you have ever wondered how to increase sales, this is a great place to start on your WOM marketing journey.

Referral marketing is a great starting place and the most effective method of marketing – why? Because to increase sales, you want to find individuals who need your services. Who better to refer a business than a previous customer? Testimonials are leading in the digital marketing spectrum which combines WOM marketing and your digital efforts. Anyone who hasn’t jumped into sharing their customers reviews on their social platforms in the form of video content (reels, stories, short video testimonials) or info graphic style have a HUGE opportunity here.

With the attempt to stay at a surface level and not dive too deep, ensuring that you [the business] are providing what your customer is needing is basic supply and demand – much like this blog is titled on how to increase sales, I am going to do my best to give a few nuggets of information on how you can increase sales while recapping the most recent BBD meeting from this morning.

1. WOM marketing – get your current clients/customers to refer you out. Supply them with the tools they need. Is that business cards? Is it information? Do they need to know what services you offer or specialize in? Make your current customers your best sales team.

2. Digital Presence – Is your website updated and current? Are your services listed? Is your contact information easily accessible? Does your website highlight all of your social media streams, i.e.: Business Facebook Page, Instagram Professional Account, LinkedIn Page, Pinterest Account, Youtube Channel, TikTok, etc.? Is your website listed on all of these accounts?

Ok – you’ve done all that – now how to separate yourself from your competition? Testimonials, Education, and Entertainment. 

a. Testimonial: Take short (less than 30 second) videos of your current customers reviewing your business. Share this on the different social media streams depending on the account, and embed in your website as a blog post.

b. Education: Take a short (5 minutes or less) education video on your industry. Share this as a reel and on youtube at a minimum and embed in your website. By providing education in your industry, you are telling the public that you are the authority on this subject. These videos do not need to be perfect.

Don’t let perfectionism lead to procrastination.

   You can also share info graphics that share snippets of information with your audience that will help them identify you as an authority or expert in this field.

Below is an examples of an infographics.

c. Entertainment: Have fun with it. Whether you are sharing like content (content that you support and can share to a story or post), professional content (content provided by an professional, expert or thought leader in the field), or behind the scenes of your business – your audience will appreciate the content that you are pushing out and be more likely to engage.
3. Advertising/Sponsorships – I am grouping these for this short overview on how to increase sales. Advertising is the purchasing of real estate to showcase your brand and services (whether on a billboard, bus stop, or digitally on social media or banner ads). Sponsorships are the promoting of your brand to the community by providing financial assistance to a group in need. This could be a sport’s team, local school event, community building event such as an educational mixer or vendor showcase, or scholarships. Both Advertising and Sponsorship require the financial investment of purchasing that space for branding and building brand awareness, and sponsorship is a great avenue to align yourself with the community as a whole.
Each of these marketing mediums are different and vital to creating repeat and new customers. Repeat customers can be just as important as the new customer who hasn’t been introduced to your brand yet.

I hope this quick little overview is of value to you in your thought process in how to increase sales.

Today’s Boulder Business Development meeting was held in the steakhouse of Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 from 6:45am – 8:15am.

Engagement will lead you to increase sales. Marketing is all about consistency.

I wore my "I'm Awesome" T-Shirt to remind everyone at BBD that the first step to increase sales is to believe that you and your business are awesome.

I wore my “I’m Awesome” T-Shirt to remind everyone at BBD that the first step to increase sales is to believe that you and your business are awesome.

The goal of this individual post is targeted at recapping our August 16, 2022 BBD meeting as well as ranking for “increase sales” in search engines.
According to research, the volume for search engine queries for “increase sales” is 1,300 on average per month. The SEO difficulty is pretty high (64), which tells me two things: 1) There is a lot of information out there optimized much like I have optimized this page and 2) Those pages are most likely much more robust with information including techniques, step-by-step instructions, resources, etc. on HOW TO increase sales.
When creating a website, identifying WHY you want individuals to find your website is key. Each web page can be directed at different concepts entirely, and each should provide some type of value to the consumer (reader in this case). This is where you hear the catchphrases SEO (search engine optimization), keywords, and metadata.
SEO is integral for ranking your website in search engines, or in laymen’s terms, helping direct consumers to the products and services (or information) they desire.
Future note, as we move into web 3.0, metadata is going to be the make or break for website traffic where individuals find your information among the plethora of data available. You may hear this also referred to as NFT space.
Banner Heading for the Speaker Take-Aways in the weekly Boulder Business Development Group. Banner has a white background with blue and black shapes in background. Neon Green and Black Block lettering read Speaker Take-Aways stacked atop one another through the center. Meeting information below in smaller black text. Speakers exemplify why networking is important

Cinderella Girl Youth Development Scholarship Program & Pageant

presented by: Candace Aragon

The presentation today from Candace Aragon reviewed an organization providing opportunities to our youth across Nevada.

The organization provides scholarship, volunteer, and leadership opportunities to our youth.

For more information, please visit their website

Banner Heading for the Educational Moment in the weekly Boulder Business Development Group. Banner has a white background with blue and black shapes in background. Neon Green and Black Block lettering read Educational Moment with the presenters information below in smaller black text.

Rhinoceros Success : the Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity

by: Scott Alexander

Chapter 9: Family

Family can make or break you – Family affects work and finance. Work and finance affect your family.

Rhinos excel in all areas of their life.

Have a happy Rhino life.

There will always be challenging or hard times – do not jump ship when you hit rough seas. That is what cows do.

Be your Rhino self!

Banner Heading for the Smart Goals. Banner has a white background with blue and black shapes in background. Neon Green and Black Block lettering read Smart Goals through the center of the banner. BBD's smart goals include why networking is important.
If you want to increase sales, you should always identify goals. See BBD's goals here.

Each week, Taina Gude, VP of the Boulder Business Development Group updates the members on our progress toward our goals.

2022-2023 Goals

Membership: 40 Members

Attendance: 90%

Visitors: 12/month

Referrals: 90/month (3 each per member per month)

1-1 Sessions: 30/month (1 each per member per month)

Online Reviews: 750/month

Gross Revenue from Closed Business: $7,500,000

*** Membership Update: WE NEED YOU! Trades, such as HVAC, Landscaping, Pest Control, and Massage Therapist – we need individuals in these fields to round out our group.

More individuals have retired into new areas due to the success that BBD has brought them from our effective referral marketing. Jump on the bandwagon and scale your business to new heights.

Join us for a meeting as a guest to find out more – RSVP NOW!

The Boulder Business Development Group operates under the umbrella of the Lions Club of Boulder City.

Members of BBD are encouraged to fill out the Volunteer Tracking Sheets provided. Volunteer hours are turned into the Lions International Organization on behalf of the Boulder City Lions Club.

26th Annual Charity Golf Touranment

The Lions Club of Boulder City is beginning to promote our 26th Annual Charity Golf Tournament scheduled for Saturday, November 12, 2022 at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course located in Boulder City.

See below event information and how to get involved.

The Leos Club of Boulder City

The Leos Organization (youth group for individuals 12-18 years old) is gearing up for Operation Christmas Child which sends over 100 Christmas gifts to children all around the world. Reach out if you have youth in your life and would like to get them involved in a great organization focused on leadership, volunteerism, and having fun.

Shout out for Member Updates:

Chelsea Scheppmann, with Plaza Realty, is hosting a Realtor event on Friday, August 26, 2022. Message her for more info.

Boulder City Social & Boulder City dot com dropped some knowledge bombs this morning on the stats of their marketing initiatives including that their average open rate hovers in the 40%. Each Wednesday, the group emails their almost 4,000 account database with a weekly recap including:

  • Last 5 Posts
  • Paid Advertisers
  • Links to Business Posts (Side Bar Advertisers)
  • Job Board Posts
  • Yard Sale Posts
  • and Links to their Facebook & Instagram Accounts

BC Social is a great resource for locals to get the word out about happenings related to commerce and community.

Check out the below contact sheet for current BBD Membership:

Boulder Business Development Contact Information

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