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BNI Las Vegas

Are you looking for a great referral marketing group in Las Vegas? The BNI Las Vegas Chapter: Integrity Business Professionals may be the place for you. 

BNI Las Vegas chapters offer membership to businesses in the area with a network of individuals from varying industries. Like most referral marketing groups, there are no two like businesses, and membership ranges from Massage Therapist, Health Care Professionals, and Nutritionists to CPA’s, Personal Injury Lawyers, and Real Estate Agents. The variety of knowledge and experience in the room was abundant with the 60+ attendees that filled the upstairs banquet hall of Distill – a local bar off of Rainbow Boulevard and the 215.

It was so fun seeing the banquet facility in full swing. The group had a plentiful breakfast buffet, coffee, hot tea, condiments, and staff to help facilitate. The built in projector and screen worked beautifully with the event.

You might be wondering why there is an IAW Logo for the featured image on this BNI Meeting Recap post. Katie Perry, President of the Las Vegas Chapter of IAW and Managing Partner of Jamison Perry, a professional recruiting service, had been introduced to me through a wonderful contact, and I had seen her most recently at the IAW Event: Confidence at Every Stage of Your Career. She invited me to join her at this breakfast event, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Below is a recap

I was invited to the group to highlight the Open House event that I am hosting at my event venue in Boulder City, Forge Social House.

The open house event is scheduled for mid September and will highlight the wedding venue as an option for Las Vegas destination weddings.

Chapter Meeting Format

BNI Las Vegas Meeting Format

There was an educational moment where one of the members explained the value of always having business cards on hand and being mindful of the company you are in and the opportunities available. As Grandpa would say – always make Door Opening decisions.

Each of the 40 members received 50 seconds to explain their best referral for this week and provide a testimonial to another member in the group. Each was efficient and prepared.

As each member shared, their headshot, name, company, logo, and contact information was listed on the projector screen at the front of the room (shown below).

The next presenter was addressed at the bottom of the screen, which was a great touch.

Below are a few examples of the slides for member presentations.

Need a Graphics Guy? ⬇⬇⬇
🤔 Need a Professional Coach? 💡

I immediately recognized the below member, Wendy Preyssler, for a few reasons.

#1 Her Facebook Ads are working and have popped up in my feed a time or two.

#2 Her name was familiar as she is the member who emailed me about a week prior to the meeting to better prepare me for what was to come in participating in the meeting.

🥂 Looking for PROMO Products? 👕

If you have needs for promotional materials made such as coasters and other fun products, Bill is the guy to talk to. I am always looking for creative ways to tie events together, so I made sure to capture his information.

👨‍💻 Need talent? 👩‍💻

Katie Perry spoke her 50 seconds and received several testimonial endorsements throughout the meeting.

I got a second to thank her at the end of the event and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t capture a fun picture of the two of us. Until next time  . . .

🏌️‍♂️ Ready to retire? 🤸‍♀️

If you know anyone reaching that point in their career where they are looking to sell their company, this is the woman to contact.

There are 260 search volume for Las Vegas Business Broker every month, and it appears to be quite a market – the SEO difficulty is set to 35 and paid difficulty is at 49 – with a CPC of $12.79.

Seems like this might be a competitive market, much like real estate, here in the valley. If you or someone you know is looking for a well respected Business Broker – the BNI member would be a great bet.

Vice President’s Report

Similar to the group I meet with each Tuesday morning, the BNI Las Vegas Chapter: Integrity Business Professionals (IBP) recap the group’s progress.

The group did not identify their goals at this point, and in my “membership drive” meeting afterward, it was explained that they look for each member to do 5 things:

  1. Attend 50 meets per year. Of course substitutes are acceptable.
  2. 1 1-1 per week. This is a meeting between two members where they discuss each other’s business more in depth, allowing one another to better represent the other at any given moment.
  3. BNI Podcast. I didn’t take a very good note here – I don’t remember if they currently have a podcast or what this was in reference to 🤦‍♀️
  4. Referrals. I didn’t write a quantity here. I am guessing they are looking for at least 1 referral per meeting or per month. Either way, with 60 members, it would be easy enough to find referrals for the group.
  5. Bring a Visitor. Visitors are important to groups, just like new customers are important to businesses. If you want to continually grow and build awareness and demand, you want your product/group in front of new eyes as often as possible.
Last 2 Week’s Top Performers

A neat component was identifying the Top Performers from the past two weeks for the group.

Everyone likes to see their name in a leading role, and this keeps the group focused. I was impressed.

Membership Committee Report

Their membership committee included several (over 5) members.

Upcoming Presenters

Each meeting allows for time for two members to present. I really appreciated how organized the group was in terms of preparing the guests, facilitating the meeting, and member presentation.

Today’s 1st Presenter:

Jen Ty, Flow Massage Therapy

Jen received SEVERAL testimonials during the meeting, which is no surprise when you see what type of business she is in – massage therapy.

First impression, WOW – Jen is a great speaker. She explained all about how her business will make the customer feel before they ever get you to lay down.

From identifying that her group is comprised of active listeners for your medical journey to the 12 page medical questionnaire that each customer fills out, it was clear that Flow Massage Therapists care about their customers.

The questionnaire is going to identify obscure thoughts:

  • What questions haven’t been answered for you in the past?
  • What bothers you currently?

She says that they “figure out the puzzle that is your body”, and they give you time to be heard before the massage.

She reviewed how trauma lives in our body and manifests.

With many trained professionals on her team, Jen explained that their varying backgrounds make them specialized and your experience customized to meet your needs. From sports massage and therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, to intuitive healers who are energy workers, it was clear that no matter your ailment, you would leave Flow Massage Therapy better than when you entered.

I definitely need to make an appointment sooner than later! ✅

Jen impressed upon the room that she is looking for collaborators. Individuals who will make the commitment to walk the talk, believe that givers gain, and in a team mentality. 

If she hadn’t already won me over, her close sealed the deal: “The success in my future is not the work of an individual, but a collaborate effort.” <<< If you have spent any time with me, you know I’m all about community and the greater good. This chick seemed like we would get along. ❣

Today’s 2nd Presenter:

Chris Reynolds, Licensed Health Insurance Agent

Chris opened up his presentation by seeing “Hallelujah” – I hadn’t seen this style of opening yet, and it seemed to catch all the attendees by a pleasant surprise.

The theatrics made sense once Chris got into his background, coming from a Performing Arts School.

Chris has been married 5 years, which have flown by and now he has a 10 week old baby.

Reviewing Health Care in Nevada, Chris explained that in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act went into affect, creating Nevada Health Link, things changed drastically, only to then change again in 2014.

I didn’t take enough notes to tell you what those changes were, and now Health Care professionals in all levels and facets of the industry understand that insurance must be robust enough for all health care needs for the individual. As we age, our needs change. This doesn’t seem like rocket science, but like everything, it makes sense that until we say it out loud, we may not see the change we need.

Chris refers to the Comprehensive Care needed or Circle of Care.

In closing, he identified that he is licensed in about 35 states, and if you want to send him a referral, the best lead in for the conversation is to ask, “Who do you use for Health Insurance currently?” and then give Chris’s information for a “Complimentary evaluation to start.”

Handling small businesses is Chris’s forte, and once a company exceeds to 20-25 employee size, he recommends a group insurance agent. The slide below was also provided to guide the group to better refer his services.

The BNI Las Vegas Integrity Business Professionals

. . .was a great experience.

If you are considering joining a BNI Las Vegas chapter, the membership dues are $595 per year or $995 for two years. Your original application will include a $95 joining fee.

It was clear that the investment in the group would come back to the each business 10 fold if not more.

Referral marketing (word of mouth marketing) is the oldest and best form of marketing, because who better to believe than someone who knows the business and has a real life experience to share with you about it? If you’re looking to grow your business in Las Vegas, joining a group like BNI Las Vegas is a great idea to launch or take you to the next level.

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