Boulder Business Development Tuesday, August 23, 2022 Healthy Dog Food & Pet Food

Healthy Dog Food & Pet Food

is more accessible and affordable than you thought!

Healthy dog food has been a priority, as anyone that knows me even a little, knows that I have a 6 year old mix of amazing. He is a little Rottweiler, Doberman, Boxer, just to name a few, and if you didn’t know – he is the cutest most wonderful thing in the world – though I might be a little biased. There was a span of about 3 years of experimenting, multiple veterinarian visits, and sleepless nights as I struggled to identify what was causing Ace’s rashes, patchy skin, loss of hair, and occasional sores. As any parent (pet or otherwise) knows, when your baby doesn’t feel well, everything else becomes priority number two in making them feel better.

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Healthy Dog Food

When I met Dyanah and was introduced to the Sequoia brand, Ace had been on a good run of about a year without symptoms. Sourcing healthy dog food was not on my radar.

I had no intention on switching Ace from his Blue Buffalo Salmon & Potato regiment. I remember almost being in tears at the Puppy Supply store in 2020 when they were out of his food, because I knew that if I gave him anything else, it would make him break out in symptoms again. It wasn’t until I sat through a For the Health of Our Pets seminar that I began to understand the value in this alternative dog food.

Why is healthy dog food important?

The Sequoia Brand Dog Food offers an organic alternative to store bought dog food at a competitive price.

The following information was taken directly from the Pet Club 24/7 website that Dyanah represents:

Over 80% of pet parents have their pets on a dry food diet, so it is important for us to learn what is in the foods we are giving our pets and how it is affecting them. They deserve human grade whole foods made in human grade kitchens that are made and sourced in the United States with no fillers (like wheat, corn, and soy), no preservatives, no animal by-products, no sugars, and no carcinogens with added prebiotics and probiotics to keep our fur babies happy and healthy.

There are several wonderful products that are available for pets and pet parents too:

Designed specifically for immune health, Forest Natural only combines the most potent strains of Coriolus Versicolor (more commonly known as Turkey Tail) and Ganoderma Lucidum (more commonly known as Reishi) to create inForce Gold. Both Coriolus Versicolor and Ganoderma Lucidum have been used for medicinal purposes in eastern cultures for well over a thousand years. There are hundreds of western style clinical studies suggesting that both Coriolus Versicolor and Ganoderma Lucidum offer a high level of immune support, and many other beneficial properties through Triterpenes and Polysaccharides. Based on these and other studies. Forest Natural utilizes its proprietary extraction processes to create this proprietary blend of the most potent combination for our customers. This product is 100% vegan and bottled in the United States in a FDA registered bottling facility that is CGMP compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Click the image to learn more – and please reach out to Dyanah to order, as she gets the credit that she deserves for sharing such valuable knowledge.

Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom Pet Products

For the Health of Our Pets and Parents too! Bow Wow Meow!

Dyanah recommends that we watch Pet Fooled a documentary on the Pet Food Industry.

I found the documentary accessible for free on Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, and Vudu.

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Rhinoceros Success : the Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity

by: Scott Alexander Chapter 9: Family

Marriage is like a garden – We must tend to it regularly. Watch for weeds, and remove them before they take root.

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Each week, Taina Gude, VP of the Boulder Business Development Group updates the members on our progress toward our goals.

2022-2023 Goals

Membership: 40 Members

Attendance: 90%

Visitors: 12/month

Referrals: 90/month (3 each per member per month)

1-1 Sessions: 30/month (1 each per member per month)

Online Reviews: 750/month

Gross Revenue from Closed Business: $7,500,000

*** Membership Update: WE NEED YOU! Trades, such as HVAC, Landscaping, Pest Control, and Massage Therapist – we need individuals in these fields to round out our group.

More individuals have retired into new areas due to the success that BBD has brought them from our effective referral marketing. Jump on the bandwagon and scale your business to new heights.

Join us for a meeting as a guest to find out more – RSVP NOW!

The Boulder Business Development Group operates under the umbrella of the Lions Club of Boulder City.

Members of BBD are encouraged to fill out the Volunteer Tracking Sheets provided. Volunteer hours are turned into the Lions International Organization on behalf of the Boulder City Lions Club.

26th Annual Charity Golf Touranment

The Lions Club of Boulder City is beginning to promote our 26th Annual Charity Golf Tournament scheduled for Saturday, November 12, 2022 at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course located in Boulder City.

See below event information and how to get involved.

The Leos Club of Boulder City

The Leos Organization (youth group for individuals 12-18 years old) is gearing up for Operation Christmas Child which sends over 100 Christmas gifts to children all around the world. Reach out if you have youth in your life and would like to get them involved in a great organization focused on leadership, volunteerism, and having fun.

Shout out for Member Updates:

Chelsea Scheppmann, with Plaza Realty, is hosting a Realtor event on Friday, August 26 & Saturday, August 27th, 2022. Message her for more info.

Check out the below contact sheet for current BBD Membership:

Boulder Business Development Member Contact List 8-24-2022

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